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GLORI is an industry-academic partnership aimed at developing novel, dynamic logistical management systems that will enable industry to navigate increasingly turbulent markets. GLORI combines substantial scientific and commercial power to rapidly develop, prototype and implement innovative, effective and efficient global platforms for configuring and reconfiguring distributed resource in anticipation of, or in response to, emerging competitive challenges.

The scientific community of GLORI is committed to the development of new knowledge on management and the development of complex, adaptive business systems on opportunity-oriented pricing and novel cost accounting systems. The intention is to drastically reduce the time between basic research and profitable exploitation of results with a view to enabling industrial members of GLORI to effectively compete in markets where success is dependent on the ability to offer ever decreasing delivery lead times.

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The Intelligent Systems Lab
Kenan Institute - Chapel Hill, NC, USA

ITESM, Mexico

Technical Univeristy Delft, Delft Netherelands